About Marlene

A graduate of the West Coast College 3000 Hour RMT Massage Therapy Program, Marlene has had the privilege of growing her practice here in the Lower Mainland since graduating in 2011.  With a keen interest in always furthering her studies, Marlene has worked hard to oversee the needs of each client, through all stages of life.  Furthering her skills of being a deep tissue fascial therapist and utilizing various skills such as trigger point release, active release, muscle energy technique, correcting spinal joint disfunctions, postural alignment, lymphatic drainage and more.  Marlene has also enjoyed the privilege of working alongside various Doctors, as well as pain management clinics in treating the myo-fascial-skeletal system.  She has enjoyed seeing the many benefits of using the Stecco Facial Manipulation Method to treat various musculoskeletal dysfunctions, often with fast results, even with some of the most chronic conditions.

In keeping with her desire to grow in her practice and studies, Marlene has had the blessing and training to play a positive part in treating those undergoing Breast Mastectomy Surgeries, Post-op Complications, scar tissue treatment and trauma informed care.  Myofascial Massage techniques have proven to be very effective in treating different stages of chronic pain and limited mobility following breast cancer surgeries and integrative cancer care.

Marlene understands the difficulty patients often face with obtaining an appointment when needed the most, and she works very hard to allow each client an opportunity to have the care they need right away.

For Consultation, please contact Marlene Henderson RMT at henderson7.wellness@gmail.com

To book an apt with Marlene Henderson RMT, please contact:
Chiropractic Life Centre
Phone: 604-746-5668
 #100A-2955 Gladwin Rd.
Abbotsford, BC.,