Massage Services


Restorative Therapies


Deep Pressure Massage Therapy

Deep pressure massage is a therapeutic technique that promotes relaxation, increases blood flow, and releases toxins in the first few layers of muscle. This technique also allows the therapist to locate and access problem areas that require manipulation of deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.

A deep pressure massage alone usually relieves general, overall muscle tension or pain caused by new activities, such as spring gardening or a new workout routine.


Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage therapy techniques are used to correct and restore proper function in specific areas of the body.

Most injuries and chronic illnesses and conditions that effect the musculoskeletal system, result in scarring or adhesions in muscles, facia, and other connective tissue. These adhesions cause pain, decreased range of motion, and block blood flow.

Deep tissue massage releases connective tissue from these adhesions to restore proper function, decreasing pain and inflammation while increasing mobility.


Trigger Point Release

Trigger points are specific locations where “knots” or adhesions have formed, resulting in chronic pain, often in the head, neck, shoulders and hips. A combination of techniques including deep pressure massage “release” the contracted muscles, allowing the muscle to return to the relaxed position.


Wellness Therapies


Pregnancy Comfort

Carrying additional weight during pregnancy as well as picking up and carrying baby after birth, can result in discomfort, postural problems, and muscle strain. Massage therapy during all trimester and after delivery will help you reduce stress, maintain proper posture, sleep better, and feel better.


Stress Relief

Day to day work pressures and emotional upset have a profound impact on the physical body. Stress causes muscle tension, which if left untreated, can lead to chronic pain. Regular massage therapy release muscle tension, increases relaxation, and produces endorphins that will lift your spirits.


Managing Chronic Conditions

Massage therapy can provide ongoing relief from pain and maintain mobility in those with chronic conditions such as arthritis, MS, and Parkinson’s. By removing adhesions, reducing inflammation, and increasing blood flow, overall wellness and quality of life is improved.

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